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Making Clippeos for personal use will always be free and fun, and a great way to save and share “just the good parts” of the videos you love.

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Learn to swing like Tiger

What is a Clippeo?

A Clippeo is a video that someone has clipped and annotated. Annotations can be text, drawings that overlay the video, or (coming soon) voiceovers.

What videos can be clipped?

Currently, you can clip almost any of the billions of videos on YouTube. Soon, you'll be able to upload videos directly to Clippeo.

Why use Clippeo?

Our powerful browser-based video analysis tools make it easy to analyze frame-by-frame, change playback speeds, and loop over the important learning points.

What can I learn with Clippeo?

Clippeo is ideal for learning golf, tennis, pool, guitar, piano, singing, public speaking, weightlifting, oil painting… virtually any endeavor that can be captured to video and annotated by an expert.

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