Video: Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!

✭✭✭✭✭ Hi folks. The guitar is tuned to open D. D A D F# A D. For the record: the 4 chord is on the 5th fret and the 5 chord is on the 7th fret. I get confused. Can you tell? I am deeply appreciative of the good vibes this has caused and am deeply in your debt. Thanks so much!!! Here are some more open D crazy lessons!! Slide Blues Lesson In Open D made especially for /r/guitarlessons. I love you guys. In this lesson Messiahsez attempts to capture the essence of the blues. The blues is a cold heart shaking chill. It's something you feel and then it comes out of you. Here is what I said!!! 0:00hi-yah it's tomorrow so I thought I 0:04would just show you the basics of what 0:05is about to happen 0:08okay so first of all you take your index 0:12finger and you're playing on the 5th 0:14string 2nd fret and you play first open 0:20then you play the 2nd you save up to the 0:507th back to the 5th and then on the 5th 1:00straight 1:14now listen to me listen to me right the 1:19fuck now that is the basis of the blues 1:30that's it right there bungo bungo bungo 1:34bong 1:36I want you to understand that when 1:38Stevie Ray Vaughan was gone inside it 1:43hit his goal and then he would go up to 1:47the five chord and he will go it's the 1:50same damn thing stays going that's seven 2:00and the fifth that's right that's all 2:09that's it right there 2:11open D running guitar finger-picking 2:15slide and fucking insanity that's all 2:22why Dada Dada 2:25using this one oh and then I use a 2:31little bit of eyebrow 2:56yeah I'm barring the fucking thing okay 2:59and then up I'm just going and you don't 3:12have to do dontoh there you go 3:35my wife is that's what the blues is 4:08about it's about your life and what's 4:11going on and what's going wrong 4:43so that's the blues so this is for slash 4:47are slash guitar lessons it's Friday 4:50it's not Friday actually it's Thursday 4:53but I'm going to post this on Friday 4:54which is my slash are slash guitar 4:57lessons day and it's open D sounds like 5:15that 5:40that's all I really hope that helps you 5:43know cuz like it's it's like because you 5:47know old people they lose their purpose 5:50in life they're just old and the end is 5:52coming soon and they try to do nice 5:55things for people and hopefully every 5:57once in a while it works Messiahsez Here are a bunch of blues guitar lessons!! Hope you enjoy!! Messiahsez Thank you all so much. Please Keep smiling!!! PS. I respond to every comment. Feel free to say hi!!!

Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!

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Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open D On My National Steel NPB12 With Insanity!!!