Video: Gigi Hadid Snubs Harry Styles During 2015 AMA Interview?

✭✭✭✭✭ Thank you to T Mobile for sponsoring this episode. Learn More from T-Mobile One Direction AMAs Performance ►► More Celebrity News ►► Gigi Hadid may have just proven her loyalty to Taylor Swift after giving the cold shoulder to Harry Styles during the AMAs and we’ve got all the scoop right here on Clevver’s Trophy Life. Today’s episode of Clevver News Feed is brought to you by T-Mobile, Breaking the rules of wireless – Switch to the Un-carrier. So take this as a warning to anyone who ever tries to mess with T-Swift, if you’ve got bad blood with her, it won’t exactly be mad love from the rest of her squad… And Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid might have just proven that statement true after her run-in with One Direction during the AMA red carpet. After E! News host Guiliana Rancic flagged Gigi down and invited her onto the platform while she was chatting with 1D, fans caught wind of Gigi coldly shaking hands with Harry while giving the rest of the lads a friendly hug… Now whether this was intentional or not on Gigi’s part, many viewers reacted to the cringe-worthy snub, but one person’s reaction in particular did not seem amused in the very slightest… Harry himself was caught rolling his eyes post-awkward handshake, but luckily the boys were saved by the bell, or in this case, their publicist, as it was time to move on. Harry especially wasted no time in saying goodbye and was quickly on his way. And now that we know never to test our patience with the Taylor gang, I want to know what you guys thought about Gigi and Harry’s awkward interaction. Do you think the handshake was harmless or do you think Gigi was actually proving her loyalty to her girl Tay? Let me know all your thoughts right down here in the comments section below and after that you can click right over here to check out One Direction’s killer performance from tonight’s AMAs. Thanks for checking in with me here on Clevver’s Trophy Life, I’m your host Jake Whetter and I’ll see you back here next time! For More Clevver Visit: Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Keep up with us on Instagram: Add us to your circles on Google+: Tweet Me:

Gigi Hadid Snubs Harry Styles During 2015 AMA Interview?

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Gigi Hadid Snubs Harry Styles During 2015 AMA Interview?