Video: How To install Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks Grand Prixs on the Nintendo Wii

✭✭✭✭✭ Here's the MKWii CTGP Website! -- MKWii CTGP: Season 2 (All Grand Prixs!) - Check out the latest episode of "Tough Brakes!" -- -- WHAT YOU NEED -- 1. A Mario Kart Wii game disc 2. A SD card; 4GB is recommended 3. A Nintendo Wii System w/ Version 4.3 4. Winrar (Link) 5. A reliable internet connection -- INSTRUCTIONS -- STEP 1: Downloads 1. Download MKWii CTGP 1.03.100 (LINK!NB8GDBCZ!HkHPVQxy-7YtHAaDchRIwcbNSL2lHvJ6zAJEUmQP6yc) STEP 2: Letterbomb for Homebrew 1. Go to "" 2. On this site, enter your Wii System's Mac Address - Demostrate how to find Mac Address 3. Enter the captcha, then click either red or blue wire 4. Extract to root of SD Card STEP 3: Homebrew 1. Insert the SD Card into your Nintendo Wii System 2. Make sure the SD Card is detected by the Wii System. If the icon is blue, click on the "Wii Message Board" icon on the bottom right side of the Wii Menu. Scroll back until you see a red envelope with a bomb and an SD card on it. DO NOT WORRY, this is safe, but does void warranty. Click the icon, and Letterbomb will be launched. 3. Once you read over the warning, press "1" on your Wii Remote when prompted 4. On the first page, using your Wii Remote, click "continue", then click up to "Install The Homebrew Channel" on the main menu. Click "Install", then confirm by clicking "Yes, continue" 5. When you see "SUCCESS" in green text, click "A", then scroll down to "exit". Click "exit". You'll be sent to the Homebrew Menu STEP 4: MKWii Custom Track Grand Prixs 1. Turn off your system. 2. Once powered off, take the SD Card out of your system and put it back into your computer. 3. Delete the Letterbomb files (everything on SD Card). 4. Open up the MKWii CTGP folder; extract All 5 files to the root of your SD Card (apps, ctgpr & riivolution folders + boot.elf file and readme.txt) - Explain the "Readme.txt" 5. Once transfer is complete, Remove SD Card from computer and reinsert it to the Wii. Power on Wii System and go to the Wii Menu. 6. On the Wii Menu, locate the "Homebrew Channel" and start it up. 7. Using the Wii Remote without the Nunchuck attached, on the Homebrew Menu, click "CTGP-R", then "load" 8. Select your language for CTGP Revoltuion, then follow the instructions 9. When you get to the option to install CTGP Channel, choose "No". We'll do this later. 10. After installation, the next option is Automatic Updates. Choose "Yes". Each time you start Custom Tracks, you will be prompted for an update, if there is one. If there is no prompt to update, there is none. 11. Continue reading the information MrBean35000 provided 12. On this new CTGP Revolution Menu, click "Add CTGP-R Channel", the bottom midde option. This will install this menu as a channel on your Wii Menu. Whenever you want to load up MKWii CTGP, you can use this new channel quickly instead of going through Homebrew. Once installed, click "B" to go back to CTGP Revolution's main menu. 13. On the CTGP Revolution menu, click "Launch Game", the top left option. This will launch MKWii CTGP for play. 14. Congrats, you now have MKWii CTGP! STEP 5: "My Stuff" Folder 1. Turn off your system, take out the SD Card, then insert it into your computer 2. On the SD Card, double click on the "ctgpr" folder to access it. 3. In this folder, right-click, then make a new folder titles "My Stuff" 4. Find any MKWii CTGP mods online (Music packs, character mods, etc), download them and extract them into THIS FOLDER ONLY. - Extracting anywhere else will not work, and could potentially corrupt your CTGP Files, causing you to start from scratch. --------------- Playlists for Current Projects --------------- NEW LP: Super Mario Galaxy 2! -- #61 || Splatoon! Playthrough, Online Gameplay & More -- "The Core of Glory", a Super Wii U "For Glory" Series -- "Tough Brakes" A Competitive Mario Kart 8 Series w/ Friends! -- PKSparkxx's Video & Livestream Highlights -- Grab yourself an Elgato HD60 Recording Device! -- Stream your own gaming content & more! -- BUY SOME MERCH! - --------------- Stay Updated on Social Media! --------------- •Livestreams on Twitch! - •Stay updated on Twitter! - •More fun on Facebook! - •Follow and friend me on Miiverse!! | NNID = "PKSparkxx" •Check out Lumiose Station! - #MarioKart #CustomTracks #MKWiiCustomTracks #CustomTracksOnline #MarioKartWii #Mods #Hack

How To install Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks Grand Prixs on the Nintendo Wii

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How To install Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks Grand Prixs on the Nintendo Wii