Video: 3 Tips for Hitting BIGGER Jumps - Snowboarding Tricks

✭✭✭✭✭ MY TOP GEAR PICKS CAPITA HORRORSCOPE: UNION FORCE BINDINGS: THIRTYTWO BOOTS: VOLCOM JACKET: VOLCOM ROAN PANTS: OAKLEY GOGGLES : SANDBOX HELMET: BLACK STRAP FACEMASK: STICKERS & BEANIES: SUPPORT US: In this video I've got three tips that will help you for hitting bigger jumps on your snowboard. When you're snowboarding in the park a common goal is to be always going bigger and hitting more advanced features. The first hitting bigger jumps is to first prepare yourself on jumps you're already comfortable with. On my first day snowboarding in the terrain park this season, I spent a lot of time hitting small jumps and jumps outside the park too. The second tips for hitting bigger jumps is to watch other people hit the jump first. By watching other people you can see how many turns to take up the jump and how much speed you need to clear the knuckle. The third tip for hitting bigger jumps is to make sure you're comfortable snowboarding at high speeds. For the ride into the jump you'll be riding at a high speed and for the landing you'll be riding with even more speed. One bonus tip for hitting bigger jump is to snowboard through the park and take a look at all the jumps first. Then you'll have a mental picture of how big each jump is. Have fun out there snowboarding and be safe hitting bigger jumps! MUSIC:

3 Tips for Hitting BIGGER Jumps - Snowboarding Tricks

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3 Tips for Hitting BIGGER Jumps - Snowboarding Tricks