Video: Modern Tennis Forehand Technique In 8 Steps

✭✭✭✭✭ Developing fundamental forehand technique is the key to dominating your tennis matches from the baseline and having the ability to put away short balls. This step by step guide takes you through 8 steps that help you develop correct forehand technique which will allow you to hit with power and control. Here are the time stamps of the video kindly provided by one of my subscribers: Summary of this video: 0:25 The grip: the nuances of the forehand grip 2:36 Ready position (are you also in a ready state?) 5:22 Preparation: in which direction and how high? 6:37 The drop: let the gravity assist you 11:13 Acceleration. How the sync the body and the arm: the hip rotation 15:49 Swing path: bowling vs. discus throw 18:41 Contact & spin: how to spin the ball for control 19:15 Extension (and how it's based on intention) 21:56 Followthrough: why catch with the left hand? We'll check the grip, how to be in a ready state, the preparation, the drop of the racket, how to accelerate it, how to apply topspin, how to swing so that you're very accurate and how to finish the forehand in the follow-through. Some of these tips are different from what you see the top tennis pros do but remember this guide helps you build the fundamental technique of a modern forehand which you can then develop further into a more advanced forehand if you spend enough time working on it.

Modern Tennis Forehand Technique In 8 Steps

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Modern Tennis Forehand Technique In 8 Steps