Video: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training (Explained in Hindi)

✭✭✭✭✭ A video on Step by Step Training for Public Speaking Skills and Presentation Skills (Explained in Hindi). This video is the first episode of training program on public speaking techniques and presentation skills in Hindi. In this training program, you will get public speaking skills and presentation skills training in hindi. Many of the viewers used to question me that – how to improve Public Speaking Skills. So this program, full of tutorials, tips, techniques and training is answer to all such request and questions. In each of the episode, we will give you public speaking tips in hindi to help you in your career, job, business or social life. This will help students and professionals to deliver powerful presentations. In the start of this training, I have explained benefits of presentations skills. Following are the benefits, if you are a public speaker or a good presenter. First benefit explained in this video on public speaking training in hindi is Conviction power. If you know how to speak in public, then you can convince others, persuade them, influence them. Stage Speakers are good at convincing others. Second benefit mentioned in presentation skills training in hindi video is Recognition. If you speak in public, you become a known face, people are able to recognize you and remember you. This increases your popularity and fame. Third benefit of public speaking training is that your confidence increases. Since you are able to face audience, you become more confident in your life. You develop stage confidence which helps you forever. Fourth advantage of learning presentation skills in hindi is Opportunities. This skill becomes a part of your resume and makes your job profile as a professional better. Students can add this to their resume while looking for job opportunities. Last positive point about of having knowledge about public speaking techniques is high self-esteem. Since most of the people have audience fear, so only few of the people can speak in public confidently. If you learn this art of presenting, you will develop a positive self-image and higher self-esteem. So these were the benefits of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. In next episode, we will cover more tips on public speaking and step step by training on presentation skills. Keep visiting our channel for more career development as a student or a professional. All the Best, Him-eesh Madaan Motivational Speaker in India

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training (Explained in Hindi)

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training (Explained in Hindi)