Video: Mario Kart Wii 200cc Expert Shortcuts

✭✭✭✭✭ NEW 200cc Shortcut collection ► Mario Kart TWD98 shortcut collections! ► I had really fun hunting for shortcuts with 1.5x speed! I didn't include any checkpoint skip glitches because I wanted it to be shortcuts that are feasible for online play. There's a mixture of shroomless shortcuts, shortcut extenders and brand new Mario Kart Wii shortcuts thanks to 200cc! I'm really hoping we see 200cc in CTGP sometime in the near future. I think it would be a really popular game mode. 300cc is too fast but I think 200cc with break drifting would be perfect. I'm also tempted to try 1cc and 99999cc! TWD98 Links! Subscribe HERE! ► My Twitch Stream! ► Twitter! ► Join our Discord Community! ► Support me with a Donation! ► Join the Bodation Nation! ► Joining the Bodation Nation gives you access to an extra chat on the Discord server where we hang out along with getting to add me on Mario Kart Wii and participate in the streams! Music : FF Violin II - Clash on the Big Bridge by TAMUSIC Thank you for watching as always! -Troy (TWD98)

Mario Kart Wii 200cc Expert Shortcuts

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Mario Kart Wii 200cc Expert Shortcuts