Video: Learn Snowboarding - Carving Turn

✭✭✭✭✭ In this video, we will show you the carving turn for athletic riding in difficult terrain. VO: Once you have firm control of the drift turn with up-unweighting, it's time for the carving turn. It gives you controlled turns with more speed and more inward lean. Thanks to more powerful edging, your board cuts into the snow – that minimizes any sliding or lateral drift. A good exercise for training edging is to jump into a higher track – and as you do so, try to exert the same pressure with both legs. The change of pressure during carving is supported by an up-and-down movement, as with the drift turn. You go into the turn with an upward movement – at the end of it the pressure is taken off the board – and that's the right moment to shift pressure from one ski to the other. Together with a gentle downward movement you can now edge the board more powerfully than with the drift turn. Reinforced inward lean supports the edging movement and simultaneously helps you to keep your balance. Have fun carving! Your Bergfex team. principal: video & film production: snowboard school and snowboard guide:

Learn Snowboarding - Carving Turn

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Learn Snowboarding - Carving Turn