Video: Public Speaking Without Notes | Training by Jim Kwik

✭✭✭✭✭ how to public speak confidently? Watch this public speaking training by Jum Kwik who trains you on doing that without notes to deliver an unforgettable, captivating speech. Shock yourself — and your audience — in this free Masterclass: Jim Kwik gives you a taste of how to optimize your brain power by teaching you how to give an entire speech without using notes. He does this by revealing an ancient 2,500 year old memory code called Loci. The technique has been attributed the Greek poet Simonides. After giving a reading to a banquet, he left the building and the building tragically collapsed behind him. Simonides, amazingly, was able to identify the bodies of the deceased by remembering where each person was sitting. You can do the same thing. Loci combines the powers of our strong visual memory with our innate spatial expertise. For thousands of years, both of these brain mechanisms have been used for our survival. Now, it’s time to leverage them to not only give your best speech ever, but to enhance your overall memory.

Public Speaking Without Notes | Training by Jim Kwik

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Public Speaking Without Notes | Training by Jim Kwik