Video: The CAGED SYSTEM explained

✭✭✭✭✭ In this video I explain what the all-important CAGED System is all about. The CAGED System is the key to finding your way around the fretboard. ----------------------------------- The PlaneTalk package I mention, which will teach you "The Easiest Yet Most Powerful Guitar Lesson Of All", is available from Below are just some of the many reviews I receive, starting with the great Tommy Emmanuel: "A fresh and new approach to helping young and old to have a more complete understanding of music and the guitar. Well done, Kirk." ~ Tommy Emmanuel CGP _____________________ "The whole PT idea is truly a brilliant concept and has improved my understanding of guitar playing beyond all recognition. I just can't thank you enough!" ~ Zap (PlaneTalkers' Forum) _____________________ "Well your PlaneTalk book Blew My Mind! I have been trying to understand the relationships between Chords, Scales, and the Fret Board for many year. So to see it so simply laid out was very revealing. I sure wish I had had you book some 25yr ago when I started playing." ~ Ryan from Thailand _____________________ "Please accept my sincere thanks for your PlaneTalk efforts - truly outstanding work". ~Dennis D (USA) _____________________ "Wow! The book made me feel so dumb and so enlightened at that same time. All these years I never noticed some of the things your book showed me." ~ Eric from Georgia, USA~ _____________________ "I did my first read-through of PlaneTalk and watched the video last night. Super stuff - I am very impressed. Years ago I used to claim to my AI students that intelligence was the ability to see differences where others see sameness and to see sameness where others see differences - that puts you off the scale in music IQ, I reckon. ;-)" ~ Aigeezer (PlaneTalkers' Forum) _____________________ "I have had PT for about two weeks now and can safely say it is the best thing I have ever purchased." ~ Knight46 (PlaneTalkers' Forum) _____________________ "Hi Kirk, I received your Plane Talk book, dvd and slide rule. After watching the dvd and using the slide rule, the guitar fretboard is finally making sense to me! ... I have never heard anyone explain the fretboard like you do in this course. It really makes understanding the fretboard easy. Thanks very much! " ~ Esko (Toronto, Canada) _____________________ "Just wanted to write and say a big thanks for Planetalk. For years I've been fruitlessly searching for a way to link together the little pockets of guitar knowledge that I've been plugging away at - and you have provided that link through Planetalk. ... So thanks again, and hats off to you!" ~ gogogoch (PlaneTalkers' Forum ) _____________________ "I just wanted to complement you on your usefulness practicality of plane talk. Having played guitar for a good while..ive been through the modes/scales and various caged minicourses..I should have found yours first...cuts to the meat of the matter...your slide rule will stay in my guitar need to make a permanent version (hard plastic) as I will wear this out!" ~ Bert (USA) _____________________ " I'm absolutely thrilled with the product- in two weeks I've learned as valuable an approach to studying the guitar as I have playing it over the past 11 years. Everyone should learn to play this way. Thanks very much and kudos on a great product. Best." ~ Mike from New Jersey, USA _____________________ And that's just some of them. If you're still struggling with the guitar, with the art of improvisation in particular, PlaneTalk is the answer. Why wait any longer? Kirk Lorange

The CAGED SYSTEM explained

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The CAGED SYSTEM explained