Video: "Royals" - Lorde EASY Guitar Tutorial [Chords/Strumming/Cover] (No Capo!)

✭✭✭✭✭ OPEN ME FOR A TIME GUIDE! :D 00:55 how to play the chords 02:13 practice strumming pattern/pattern 1 03:47 strumming pattern 2 (ringing) 07:59 strumming pattern 3 (muted) 10:38 suggested pattern order 11:11 side note on rhythm 11:53 chord progressions connect with me! ^^ TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: i have to say, this is probably one of the most consistently requested tutorials ever! when the song first came out, i didn't think to do a tutorial because there's not really any guitar in it, but then you guys requested it non-stop for many months, so i finally decided to make a tutorial for you! i hope you find this helpful and thanks so much for watching! :) please don't forget to "like" and subscribe for more tutorials coming soon! love you guys! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

"Royals" - Lorde EASY Guitar Tutorial [Chords/Strumming/Cover] (No Capo!)

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"Royals" - Lorde EASY Guitar Tutorial [Chords/Strumming/Cover] (No Capo!)