Video: Mario Kart Wii - Gliding / Flying glitch!

✭✭✭✭✭ Who needs codes to fly around? Annotations recommended! Fortunately for most TTers and competitive racers, this is a glitch that can only be performed on custom tracks where it has been specifically designed for it to happen, so it will not occur under normal gameplay conditions. This is a strange little glitch that occurs when a respawn point is positioned directly on top of a bouncy mushroom (shares the same X, Y and Z as it. Presumably would also work if you respawned on a similar KCL value to a bouncy mushroom), and then a player attempts to use that respawn. This trick was originally discovered by Tbfin ( over a year ago, and I decided to check it out myself to see what interesting effects it can cause. Well, for starters, the obvious effect it has is causing your vehicle to glide. Yes, it is definitely a glide as you ever-so-gradually (and it really IS gradually) descend. While gliding, your accelleration, brakes, and drift are totally meaningless, you can neither speed up nor slow down. Your angle does not affect your descent, so holding the control stick up/down is meaningless. You can fire items in midair, as well as obtaining item boxes. No items seem to affect you during a glide, probably because the game still thinks you're respawning. You have the ability to steer, and how effective your steering is is based on your handling stat (not drift, thus making Mach/FR really bad for gliding :P) You can increase height by hitting a wall that is on an angle obtuse to the road. Similarly, you can decrease height by hitting a wall that is on an acute angle to the road. This most likely has to do with bouncy mushroom physics (Mushroom Gorge, eat your heart out). Oh, and CPUs are pro at gliding. Seriously, sod the handling stat, they just turn wherever the hell they like instantly :P The real sad part about this glitch is that it doesn't look correct online. It looks like your opponents are moon jumping instead of gliding, which kinda ruins the effect a bit. That's the only reason I've not built a gliding track before. That and the fact you have to fall off to start a glide, which is kinda derpy. The track featured in this video is a slightly modified version of Sunset Forest by Luigi45000vr. And for those interested in the music, it is a remix of the Stone Tower from Zelda Majora's Mask; "Inverting the Tower Temple" by GSlicer and you can listen to it right here: As for the cause of the glitch, I can only assume it's because lakitu is trying to drop you and the mushroom is trying to bounce you, and so they're both doing that... without stopping, and the result is that you get both height and negative height added simultaneously every frame, which is causing you to practically hold still in the air. But the bouncy mushroom also has the trait of throwing you forwards at 73km/h, so you start travelling through the air. And the result is what you see here. It would also explain why items have no effect, since you can't get hit during a lakitu respawn until you've made a landing. Despite the fact it doesn't show up correctly online... it'd be interesting to see a CT take advantage of this interesting physics quirk! Anyone up for the challenge? ;) Thanks for watching!

Mario Kart Wii - Gliding / Flying glitch!

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Mario Kart Wii - Gliding / Flying glitch!