Video: #19 / Moonlit Waters (5x7) / Small & Simple Oil Painting Sketch

✭✭✭✭✭ Spontaneous (5 x 7 inch) wet-on-wet painting sketch using water mixable oils on canvas board ... Enjoy and don't take anything too seriously! ...Thanks for watching and God Bless! ... Click on this link for my YouTube Channel videos ... . This video is shared For Entertainment Only - Not a Tutorial. Produced for use exclusively on my YouTube channel. Watch my FYI Video - Brushes & Painting Tools, Painting Info, Canvas Prep, etc... Music: YouTube Audio Library (Title: "Smile Quiet Looking Up" by Puddle of Infinity) I use assorted brands of water mixable oils and mediums, with water, in a solvent-free studio. This channel is dedicated to the memory of the great TV artist William (Bill) Alexander, who re-introduced alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil painting to the world; and to the memory of his best known protege, Bob Ross, who followed in his footsteps. No art or video sales. .

#19 / Moonlit Waters (5x7) / Small & Simple Oil Painting Sketch

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#19 / Moonlit Waters (5x7) / Small & Simple Oil Painting Sketch