Video: SNES Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Wii! (Custom Track) - Nintendo WFC (8 players)

✭✭✭✭✭ So, my brother (Chadderz) being the genius that he is has managed to figure out solidity on a basic level. So, I returned back to my old SNES Rainbow Road model hack and completely changed it, reconstructing the models and texturing, checkpoints, item routes, AI routes, etc. And Chadderz added in solidity, not 100% perfect but it's very good indeed. The result is what you see here; the old alpha model hack cannot compete with this. This is our best work to date. I wondered what the best way to demonstrate this new course would be, so I organised an event: An invitation for any hackers capable of using the SZS Modifier or running texture/model hacked courses to participate in a recorded GP around SNES Rainbow Road. The result was a grand total of 8 players across 6 Wiis, which is fantastic ;) I will only upload the first part of the GP (first 2 races) because sadly after that one quite a few people were disconnected. Mindscarp has also uploaded these two races from his point of view, you can find that video here: And the 3rd race is actually available from UgotHacked if you really want to see it: Players in the race (followed by YouTube name where available): Mr Bean (MrBean35000vr) Player 255 aka Chadderz UgotHacked (UgotHacked35000vr) *UgotPwn* Asheanao (NaSai) Nin*Toad (GreenSkittlesPwn) mindscarp (mindscarp) Piticus Despite people getting disconnected and lots of random "YOU WERE HACKING!!!" accusations, I think the races went well ;) We should do this again sometime, guys! SNES Rainbow Road is a course model hack, a custom course for Mario Kart Wii. You can find more information/other model hacks here: Super Mario Kart veterans will realise that there aren't any thwomps here, that's because it's easier said than done to add them; but we are working on it. And I know the track is wider than usual, but this is Mario Kart Wii, I can't fit 12 players at the start without distorting the track and scale. I could have a wide section for racers at the beginning but decided against it. And the new jumps were actually added by mistake, would you believe. We used an innacurate map of SNES RR with jumps depicted on it in the places you see on this track and because we were so busy getting the job done and wanting it to look good that we never even checked, I made the discovery later. And the lack of original music comes from me only editing the course on my disc and not the music; this music is what usually plays at my regular Rainbow Road and I didn't change that (time constraints). If you're so desperate to hear it, listen to the classic music while watching the video to get a better feel :P Mario Kart Wii veterans will realise that the left and right speakers have been swapped as well, it's not because I can't figure out that the white wire goes to the white port and red to red, it just recorded in reverse stereo for some reason. From now on, guess I'll have to connect red to white and white to red and see what happens :P (EDIT: Done that, and now, of course, it works properly. Shows you what I know about connecting cables, who would've thought that the white wire WOULDN'T fit in the white port? But apparently it doesn't :P) If you want to try this course for yourself, you need to learn how to use the SZS Modifier, and will need Homebrew of some description allowing you to boot modified ISOs or backups of Mario Kart Wii. If you already have all of that and know what you're doing, then the patch for SNES Rainbow Road is already uploaded and can be downloaded. It works in GP, VS and Time Trials. It does NOT work on Nintendo WFC unless everyone playing has the patch applied (like in this race). Known bugs and glitches: Embedded wheel: If you are falling and manage to clip the edge of the track with your front wheel and hang on, you can get your back wheel stuck in the ground. This still allows you to move, and can remove the requirement to hop before a drift. Your wheel will come back up if you turn or do something like wheelie/end a wheelie (if you already had one). Side-ramp jumping: The ramps' solidity extend out slightly left and right of the model, so you can jump using thin air. If you can hit this invisible jump, it usually results in a low trick, which is a time-saver ;) Broken position tracker (online only): If you commit suicide in an extremely obscure way (by means of huge jump, typically), you can damage the position tracking system of other players until the race ends. SNES Rainbow Road (RC1) by Mr Bean and Chadderz

SNES Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Wii! (Custom Track) - Nintendo WFC (8 players)

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SNES Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Wii! (Custom Track) - Nintendo WFC (8 players)