Video: Mario Kart Wii - How to unlock all characters, karts and bikes

✭✭✭✭✭ ATTENTION: READ BOTH OF THE ANNOTATIONS IN THIS VIDEO TO AVOID TO ANY UNNECESSARY QUESTIONS! (both begin at 0:00) When you've read them, remove them from the screen and enjoy the video. Yep. Worked hard on this. And there were some problems with uploading it too. But now it's up. Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates: FAQ (Added 20/11 2011) Q: What does SMG stand for? A: Super Mario Galaxy. Q: Will Super Mario Galaxy 2 work instead of Super Mario Galaxy to unlock Rosalina? A: No. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released after Mario Kart Wii. Q: What do I need to do to unlock Rosalina if I have a SMG save file? A: You need to win 50 Races to get her unlocked. This is how Rosalina was unlocked in this video. For other ways to unlock her, look below. Q: Are there other ways to unlock Rosalina for me who don't own a SMG myself? A: Yes, there are. You can either get 1 star rank in all Wii Mirror Cups or by online play (mentioned below). Q: What are Wii and Retro cups? A: Wii cups are the Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special cups, which includes all new tracks introduced in Mario Kart Wii. Retro Cups are the Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightning cups, which includes tracks from previous Mario Kart games in the series. This also applies to Wii Stages and Retro Stages in Battle Mode. Q: What is a star rank? A: A star rank is the rank you get when you finish a GP. You can get a rank from E (being the lowest) to 3 stars (being the highest). If you receive 1 star or higher on all GPs on all CCs, that rank will be displayed by your name online. What you get is determined by how many points you have and how much faster you finished all races than your opponents. To get 3 stars you need all 60 points and be really fast. Q: What are Staff Ghost datas and Expert Staff Ghost datas? A: Staff Ghost data is a time a person of the MK staff did in Time Trial. You need to beat that with a certain amount of time to unlock a Expert Staff Ghost data; a better time done by a better staff player. It's still an easy task to even beat the Expert Staff Ghost data if you're good enough. Q: Why are some kart and bike names different from my game? A: That's because the names are diffrent between the european and japanese versions and the american version; I'm from Sweden so I'm using european version (PAL). This also includes some tracks and battle stages. List of name differences: Karts (european name first, american second. * means it's unlockable and it's featured in this video): Baby Booster = Booster Seat Concerto = Mini Beast Rally Romper = Tiny Titan* Nano Bike = Bit Bike Bubble Bike = Jet Bubble* Nostalgia 1 = Classic Dragster Turbo Blooper = Super Blooper* Royal Racer = Daytripper* B Dasher Mk 2 = Sprinter* Bon Bon = Sugarscoot Rapide = Zip Zip* Nitrocycle = Sneakster* Aero Glider = Jetsetter* Draonetti = Honeycoupe* Bowser Bike = Flame Runner Twinkle Star = Shooting Star* Torpedo = Spear* Tracks and stages: DK's Snowboard Cross = DK Summit Chain Chomp Roulette = Chain Chomp Wheel Galaxy Arena = Galaxy Colosseum (Competition only) Q: Are there other ways of unlocking these characters, karts, and bikes? A: Yes, there are. This is done by completing a select number of races or win a select number of races or Ghost races online. Alternate online unlocking methods: Baby Luigi: Win 100 Wi-fi Ghost Races or complete 3150 Wi-fi races. Baby Daisy: Complete 1950 Wi-fi Races. Toadette: Win 1000 Wi-fi Races or complete 3150 Wi-fi races. Dry Bones: Complete 1050 Wi-fi Races. Daisy: Complete 2850 Wi-fi Races. Birdo: Win 250 Wi-fi Races or complete 1350 Wi-fi Races. Diddy Kong: Complete 450 Wi-fi Races. Bowser Jr.: Complete 3450 Wi-fi Races. King Boo: Complete 750 Wi-fi Races. Rosalina: Complete 4950 Wi-fi Races Funky Kong: Win 25 Wi-fi Ghost Races or complete 2250 Wi-fi Races. Dry Bowser: Complete 4350 Wi-fi Races. Mii Outfit A: Complete 1650 Wi-fi Races. Mii Outfit B: Win 5000 Wi-fi Races or Wi-fi Ghost Races or complete 5100 combined Wi-fi Races/Battles. Rally Romper: Win 50 Wi-fi Races. B Dasher Mk 2: Win 3000 Wi-fi Races.

Mario Kart Wii - How to unlock all characters, karts and bikes

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Mario Kart Wii - How to unlock all characters, karts and bikes