Video: Beginner Snowboard Trick Progression with Chris & Doug

✭✭✭✭✭ MY TOP GEAR PICKS CAPITA HORRORSCOPE: UNION FORCE BINDINGS: THIRTYTWO BOOTS: VOLCOM JACKET: VOLCOM ROAN PANTS: OAKLEY GOGGLES : SANDBOX HELMET: BLACK STRAP FACEMASK: STICKERS & BEANIES: SUPPORT US: Today I'm riding with my friends Chris and Doug and it's their first day back trying some beginner snowboard tricks. The goal for today is to progress slowly and to stay safe. A few snowboard tricks that are great to start off with are nose & tail presses, ollies & nollies, grab on side hits, front & back shifty's and finally 5050 's across an easy box. You can also throw in front & back 180's if you're progressing fast with learning snowboard tricks. It's always good to make your first run of the day is a warm up run and you can throw in a few switch snowboard turns as well. A slow progression is key for staying safe and that why we practice most snowboard tricks on the snow and side hits before taking them to the park. If you have any question about beginner snowboard tricks you can leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching! MUSIC:

Beginner Snowboard Trick Progression with Chris & Doug

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Beginner Snowboard Trick Progression with Chris & Doug