Video: Basic Buttering Position On A Snowboard

✭✭✭✭✭ This is Step One of a Six Step progression on the Basics Of Buttering. We have included the first step for Free, to help you start buttering up the hill. To see the additional steps on buttering, check out our Streaming Membership. Tip 1) Where To Shift Your Weight When riding normally, your body position should be: - Ankles Bent - Knees Bent - Back Up Straight - Head Up Straight, Looking In The Direction You're Riding - Upper And Lower Body Aligned With Your Snowboard When you want to start buttering, all you have to do is shift your weight towards the tail or the nose, whilst keeping your normal riding position exactly the same. When cruising down the hill, your weight should be centred over the middle of your board. To start buttering, all you need to do is shift the weight of you body towards the tail or the nose. If you hover your weight just over your back-foot, your board is not going to do much, and still be pretty flat with the snow. To lift your board and get that stylish press, imagine a dot on your snowboard and shift your weight right onto that point. When you shift your weight, you will notice that your board will rise up off the snow. You don't physically need to lift your snowboard off the ground with your front leg, this should happen by just shifting your weight enough. Once you have mastered this position on your tail, try it on your nose. Use the exact same technique of shifting your weight to the nose. Remember to keep your normal body position. Tip 2) Control Your Press When shifting your weight, your snowboard is only going to rise off the ground by 10cm/4 Inches. When pressing, a small controlled press looks way more stylish than a huge, out of control press. You will just like a jerry if you try to fling your snowboard off the ground. A small controlled press allows you to have more balance and butter for longer. Tip 3) Keep Your Back Knee Over The Top Of Your Back Foot A common mistake with new riders trying these presses is the tweaking of their back leg inwards. This tweaking of the back leg is not a strong stable position. The best position to be in, is to have your knee over the top of your back leg. Tip 4) Don't Just Lean A lot of riders when first trying presses, just lean over the top of their board. Really focus on shifting your hips and weight over that imaginary dot that we focused on in Tip 1. Shifting your weight is going to make that press happen, not how much you lean. You Can Practice These Techniques At Home You don't even need to be on the hill to practice your buttering. Use your Training Board and Bindings, to practice shifting your weight to that imaginary dot. By practicing these techniques at home, you will be building muscle memory in your legs so you can butter on the white stuff, no worries. Practice Off The Snow With Our Snowboard Training Gear Snowboard Addiction Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding FOLLOW US! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Enjoyed the video? Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE below!

Basic Buttering Position On A Snowboard

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Basic Buttering Position On A Snowboard