Video: Roger Federer Forehand Analysis Part 1

✭✭✭✭✭ Analysis of Roger Federer Forehand in action Go to: and learn how to hit bigger serves&forehands with our Free Learn From The Pros Video series In part 1 of our Roger Federer Forehand Analysis Video Series, we take a close look at Roger's forehand grip as well as the unit turn with which he initiates the backswing. Roger hits wit a conservative Eastern forehand grip, which has many advantages. The unit turn is a turn of the entire body where the arms do very little. It is all about getting the body into position and the arms are simply along for the ride ALL ROGER FEDERER FOREHAND ANALYSIS VIDEOS: Part1: Part2: Part3: Subscribe For Other Tennis Tips: Lets Connect: Facebook ► Google+ ► Twitter ► WWW ►

Roger Federer Forehand Analysis Part 1

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Roger Federer Forehand Analysis Part 1