Video: How to use a driver and not slice it

✭✭✭✭✭ Up until recently, I have been using a long iron off the tee as I just couldn't hit my driver without slicing it OB. I would hit it 170 yards and 40+ yards off to the right! I tried turning the clubface, placing the ball outside my left foot, off a higher tee, using an in-to-out path and rolling over my arms after impact but nothing helped. Now I can hit it straight 80% of the time with a slight draw 270+ yards! Even my 2 iron is going straight! Inspired by my new found technique, I made this tutorial so that others like me could perhaps learn from the knowledge that had eluded me for 10 years! This tutorial is based on the stack and tilt method devised by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. If you find this helpful, by their DVD. I have no association with them, but I do owe them some thanks for saving my game. I hope it saves yours too. For some great stack and tilt tutorial videos, have a look at Nick Clearwater's videos here on youtube.

How to use a driver and not slice it

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How to use a driver and not slice it