Video: Basic Flamenco Techniques

✭✭✭✭✭ Ben Woods explains how to do 7 basic flamenco techniques: 1. 5 Stroke Tremolo (0:22) 2. Picado (0:43) 3. Arpeggio (1:03) 4. Golpe (1:15) 5. Alzapúa (1:50) 6. Legato (2:22) 7. Rasgueado (2:44) Subscribe to Cordoba's Youtube Channel and be the first to view videos like this and more! ------ CREDITS ------ Video Production & Editing: Jocelyn Chang Location: Cordoba Guitars HQ in Santa Monica, CA Audio was recorded with an Apogee One through an AKG microphone. ------ MORE ------ Ben Woods: GK Studio Cordoba: Contact: Facebook: Twitter: or @cordobaguitars Pinterest: Instagram: @cordobaguitars

Basic Flamenco Techniques

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Basic Flamenco Techniques