Video: 5 Things Beginner Snowboarders Need to Know!

✭✭✭✭✭ MY TOP GEAR PICKS CAPITA HORRORSCOPE: UNION FORCE BINDINGS: THIRTYTWO BOOTS: VOLCOM JACKET: VOLCOM ROAN PANTS: OAKLEY GOGGLES : SANDBOX HELMET: BLACK STRAP FACEMASK: STICKERS & BEANIES: SUPPORT US: In this video I've got five things you need to know if you're a beginner snowboarder. In my experience teaching beginner snowboarder, these are five things that give people problems on their first day. Knowing these five things will save you a lot of hassle snowboarding and keep your safer snowboarding as well! The first thing to be aware of is you always want to lay your snowboard upside down. If you lay your snowboard flat it can slide away and turn into a missile! Next you want to practice strapping up and unstrapping your snowboard bindings. This will get you use to your bindings and make it easier on your first day. The third thing is to practice one footed stops. You'll discover that when your get off the chairlift on your snowboard, you'll be riding with one foot. Practicing you one foot stopping ahead of time will get your prepared for the chairlift. At the same time you can practice skating and walking up hills. The final thing is to be able to roll onto your toe edge. Its much easier to stand up from your knees, than it is to from a sitting position. Try pulling from behind your knee as you roll. If you have any beginner snowboarding questions you can leave them in the comments. Check out the beginner snowboarding playlist for more videos! MUSIC:

5 Things Beginner Snowboarders Need to Know!

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5 Things Beginner Snowboarders Need to Know!