Video: Guy Builds his own Inground Pool

✭✭✭✭✭ 5min Time Lapse of In ground pool install. Info on the build since there seems to be a lot of people commenting who either blind or know nothing about pools. I built this on my own, a basic homeowner with no crew or professional help. Two friends came over and assisted at times. The pool is a standard vinyl liner polymer wall Inground pool. Probably the most common pool ever built. Yes it was completely permitted, yes there is concrete on the bottom and behind the walls. No there are no wrinkles, and the water is very clear. The video does not show the finished pool since you have to allow settling before pouring the apron. The pool cost me about $9000. Had it been done professionally, it would have been about $30,000.

Guy Builds his own Inground Pool

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Guy Builds his own Inground Pool