Video: 10 Snowboard Tricks to Learn on a Box

✭✭✭✭✭ KEVIN'S TOP GEAR PICKS SNOWBOARD: GOGGLES: HELMET: JACKET: PANTS: BOOTS: BINDINGS: MITTENS: BACKPACK: WAXING IRON: CAMERA: ACCESSORIES: DRONE: SOCKS: LIFT TICKET DEALS!: FOLLOW US & SUPPORT INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PATREON: CONTACT: In this video I'm going to show you 10 snowboard tricks you can learn on a beginner box in the terrain park. A beginner box is a great place to learn some basic snowboard tricks and some more advanced ones too. A great way to learn the trick is to spend a few hours hiking a box and see how many snowboard tricks you can tick off your list. The first trick to try is the 5050, because you can get comfortable with the box and get your balance down. Then you can try front and back board slides. The snowboard tricks are fun to learn and you can also do them so you ride out switch. Next learn nose and tail presses. These tricks will challenge you to move your weight over the nose and tail of your snowboard. Finally try some more difficult tricks like a 180 on and off the box, or a spin on the box. For more info and tips on all these tricks check out the full snowboarding tricks playlist! MUSIC: From The Dust - Interstellar Rush:

10 Snowboard Tricks to Learn on a Box

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10 Snowboard Tricks to Learn on a Box