Video: How To Tamedog Front Flip - Snowboarding Trick Tutorial

✭✭✭✭✭ TJ'S GEAR GNU Headspace Snowboard: Union Contact Bindings: Dragon NFX Goggle: Volcom Articulated Pants: Camera: Gimbal: Mic: By clicking one of these links before a purchase I will get a small commission, these commissions help to grow the channel! In this snowboard trick tutorial I head up to Copper Mountain, Colorado to meet my friend Andy (@andweb) who is a snowboard coach for Woodward Copper. Today our goal is for me to learn how to do a tamedog front flip, and we will take you every step of the way through my learning process. We started off on gym mats and progressed to trampolines and roller-boards before taking this new trick to snow. I found tamedog front flips to be fairly easy to initiate but difficult to land clean on my snowboard; I naturally wanted to turn my shoulders which effected my rotation and caused me to land crooked. Thankfully after all the practice at Woodward, a few tries, and the great tips from Andy, I was able to put one to my feet by the end of the day. I hope this snowboard tutorial video helps you avoid some of the mistakes I made! For more tips check out the snowboarding trick playlist. Thanks for watching! Special thanks to Woodward Copper! Check out the archive of snowboard reviews: Instrumental produced by Chuki:

How To Tamedog Front Flip - Snowboarding Trick Tutorial

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How To Tamedog Front Flip - Snowboarding Trick Tutorial