Video: 3 Easy SINGING HACKS! *How To Find YOUR Voice* 😳

✭✭✭✭✭ If you've had trouble finding your own voice. Zane Rima, got SINGING HACKS for you bud. I was groggy in this video lol. Don't check the description for the hacks listed out for you... so that you can just skip the video lol. That's too easy. That's not how this works here in the M A Zane Channel. lmao. I love y'all. #42 XLII (you'll know what that means very soon..) ;) Oh, I'm working on getting some Ukulele Vibes on Spotify or iTunes. Should I? I won't be posting tomorrow,... had a family emergency. I was supposed to post this Monday. I have to go back to posting once a week for now. :/ I'm sorry. Please subscribe, like, and comment to be FOTW! 💜 (fan of the week) I’ll pin your comment. Get my Ebook “Singing Secrets” Here! Check it: FAQ: How to be FAN OF THE WEEK? Follow me and be active with,… Instagram: @AmaZaneChannel @ZaneRima Snapchat: @ZaneisNR1 Twitter: @ZaneRima YouTube: @ZaneRima “I wanna submit my singing for React To Fans Sing” Email me: I choose randomly, every month! What camera am I using? What singing microphone do I have? How do I sing whistle notes better? What is the BEST tea in the world? My tea line. Slick Tea. Coming soon. Hehe. It’ll be better than throat coat, (I hope) because I wanna make something that tastes amazane AND makes your voice sound amazane. It’s a working progress.

3 Easy SINGING HACKS! *How To Find YOUR Voice* 😳

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3 Easy SINGING HACKS! *How To Find YOUR Voice* 😳