Video: How to deal with STAGE FEAR? (6 Public Speaking Tips)

✭✭✭✭✭ Watch this video to become more confident on stage and face your audience without stage fear. These 6 Public Speaking tips in hindi on how to overcome stage fear will help you to perform in a better and confident way on stage. These stage fear tips are based on experience and research which have brought to you in a form of episode of our complete training program on public speaking skills in Hindi. First tip on how to handle stage fright is to visualize success. Do not let your negative thought make you nervous and become an obstacle in your public speaking. You need to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts while thinking about positive response and appreciation from your audience. Second tip on stage fear motivation is to prepare your speech with as much practice as you can. This will help you to face stage fear. Third tips on how to remove stage fear is to relax. You need to practice deep breathing and keep yourself hydrated while you are about to start your speech. Fourth tip on removing stage fear in hindi is to focus on your message. Fifth of the stage fear tips in hindi is to be ready with your backup plan if in case you go blank on stage or you mess up your notes. Sixth and the last stag fright tip is to be organized, you should reach in time and prepare one day before. I am sure these public speaking tips will help you to overcome stage fear and give your presentation confidently. You can check other episodes of public speaking tips for more guidance on giving speeches. I will keep posting more such video to help you in becoming a confident speaker. Wish you all the BEST, Regards, Him-eesh Madaan Motivational Speaker in India

How to deal with STAGE FEAR? (6 Public Speaking Tips)

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How to deal with STAGE FEAR? (6 Public Speaking Tips)