Video: How To Stop Hitting The Ball Late

✭✭✭✭✭ Being late on the ball is a big challenge in tennis and the cause for it is usually late stroke preparation. And the reason why you prepare your forehands or backhands late is because you are mesmerized by the ball - as one of my students put it. You can become so focused on judging the ball flight that you can't execute any additional command - like starting to prepare your stroke. But there is a solution - you can namely tell the direction of the ball very quickly and it's at this moment that you need to initiate your stroke. If you miss that split second at the start of the incoming ball flight, you'll be probably late. The video above shares two drills that work very quickly as you will see from the before & after video clips.

How To Stop Hitting The Ball Late

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How To Stop Hitting The Ball Late