Video: Weightlifting Tips - Increasing Speed Under the Bar

✭✭✭✭✭ One of the most frequent questions we're asked is how to increase your speed under the bar in both the snatch and the clean & jerk. The key to increasing speed under the bar is to make sure that you reach full extension and finish at the top of the pull, and develop the hip flexor reverse stretch reflex shortening cycle along with your arms to actively pull yourself under the bar. The two drills we like to use to develop this stretch reflex are to start the lift from the power position (position 1), and to pull from a static position off of the blocks, from just below the knee. These drills can also be used with both the snatch and clean & jerk. Want more instructional videos? Check out our Educational Video playlist: Want more weightlifting tips? Connect with us via social media! LIKE us on Facebook - FOLLOW us on Twitter - @calstrength FOLLOW us on Instagram - @cal_strength FOLLOW us on Pinterest - and of course our website -

Weightlifting Tips - Increasing Speed Under the Bar

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Weightlifting Tips - Increasing Speed Under the Bar