Video: Clean, Part 1, How To, Olympic Weightlifting

✭✭✭✭✭ The California Strength Team demonstrates the first of 3 parts in learning the clean for Olympic Weightlifting. Jon North and Rob Blackwell demonstrate while Glenn Pendlay narrates and David Spitz films. The intro is Donny Shankle hitting a lifetime personal record of 210 kg in the clean and jerk. The stretching exercise referred to in this video is at about 2:00 in a video on our website called, "Flexibility Exercises for the Upper Body in Olympic Weightlifting: You can use social media for the latest news and updates on content from California Strength! We'd appreciate if you'd: LIKE us on Facebook - FOLLOW us on Twitter - @calstrength FOLLOW us on Instagram - @cal_strength FOLLOW us on Pinterest - and of course our website -

Clean, Part 1, How To, Olympic Weightlifting

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Clean, Part 1, How To, Olympic Weightlifting