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✭✭✭✭✭ - How to Create Lag in Golf Swing Power Lag and Flat Wrist Pro - The Ultimate Training Aid Carling Coffing Winner of Big Break on Golf Channel - shares her secrets, how to create lag and have a flat wrist at impact. Creating Lag in your golf swing It is important that you take some time to develop a good understanding and learn the difference between wrist hinge and wrist pronation. Wrist Hinge (Right Hand): Wrist hinge is when you move your wrist side ways. The human wrist only hinges 23 degrees. Wrist Pronation (Right Hand) : Wrist Pronation happens when you cup your wrist. The human wrist can cup 90+ degrees. The wrist cup action is absolutely necessary in order to get your club starting on a proper plane in both the back swing and down swing. At the top of the swing the right hand wrist pronation helps you get your right hand under the shaft, thus the club stays on a correct plane angle. PowerLag Pro is specifically designed to help you develop proper wrist hinge and proper pronation of the wrist. While it's not necessary to have lag like Ben Hogan or Sergio Garcia, however, having sufficient lag in the golf swing is crucial to hitting solid and accurate golf shots and improving your golf swing. Increasing lag in the golf swing and getting rid of the dreaded casting motion is one of the most sought after pieces of golf instruction advice there is. How to create and practice lag? first, put on your PowerLagPro and take a 7 iron and assume a proper athletic and balanced setup position. Make sure you are completely relaxed and start your back swing in a one piece for the first three feet from the ball. •Initiate or engage your large muscles in your back and chest to coil your torso. •Avoid lifting the club with your arms. •At 3/4 position your wrist should be fully hinged and the club shaft should be pointing vertically towards the sky. •From this point while maintaining your wrist hinge, start pronating or cupping your right wrist while coiling your chest around your spine—this will get your right hand under the club shaft and on a proper plane. When practicing this, make sure that there are no rigid motion, everything should flow smoothly. Note: the back of your right wrist should be resting on the PowerLag Pro. •Down Swing—Start your down swing with your legs/hips, this will ensure that your arms come down naturally and will get your club in a perfect hitting power slot position. •Retain the wrist hinge and wrist pronation (Right Wrist) until your club shaft is parallel to the ground. Practice this move from the top of the swing to where your club shaft is parrallel to the ground in front of a mirror—this is a great drill to get a good feel for a proper lag. Everyone wants to drive the golf ball farther and straighter. So how do you accomplish this? The answer lies in creating proper club lag in your golf swing! This is what the good players and pros of the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours do to hit the golf ball so far and straight. In order to create proper lag in ones golf swing it is necessary to first develop a good understanding as to what is lag and how it impacts distance and consistency. What is Lag? The easiest way that I can explain it to you is that it is pulling the golf club with your BODY as opposed to pushing or casting the golf club with your hands and arms.

Golf Instruction - How to Create Monster Lag Like Pros - Carling Coffing

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Golf Instruction - How to Create Monster Lag Like Pros - Carling Coffing