Video: The Complete Guide to Beginner Snowboarding (360° Video)

✭✭✭✭✭ MY TOP GEAR PICKS CAPITA HORRORSCOPE: UNION FORCE BINDINGS: THIRTYTWO BOOTS: VOLCOM JACKET: VOLCOM ROAN PANTS: OAKLEY GOGGLES : SANDBOX HELMET: BLACK STRAP FACEMASK: STICKERS & BEANIES: SUPPORT US: In this beginner snowboarding video I'll take you through all the step for learning how to snowboard. This is a 360 degree snowboarding video, so make sure you pan around and get the best angle. The first step is to get familiar with your snowboard. Your snowboard has a flat base, with two edges to control your speed and turn. You snowboard also has two bindings to hold your feet in the snowboard. The next step is to make sure you have all the gear you need for snowboarding. For beginner snowboarders it's important to wear a helmet for protection. You can also wear wrist guards and crash pants for protection. Before strapping up your snowboard you need to find out which is your front foot. It's important to know which one your front is in snowboarding, because that's the foot you keep in while skating and the foot the goes down the hill first when turning. Practice skating on your snowboard so that you can walk to and from the chairlift. Also, practice snowboarding down a small hill with one foot strapped in. This will prepare you for getting off the chairlift. Next find a mellow slope where you can strap up both feet and practice sliding and stopping on your heel edge. Control your speed on your heels by pressuring your heels and keeping your toe out of the snow. Toe sliding can be scary because you're sliding backwards, but it's also easier to balance on your toes. Slide your snowboard back and forth by looking, pointing and leaning the the direction you want to go. Finally start turning on your snowboard by first controlling your speed, then letting your snowboard go straight and flat, then controlling your speed on your new edge. Having an athletic stance of your snowboard will help keep you balanced. Leaning on your front foot and pointing towards the snow will help your snowboard run straight. Turning your chest to the bottom of the slope or the top will help you to get onto your new edge and control your speed. Have fun out there snowboarding! MUSIC: Valesco - Stay With Me:

The Complete Guide to Beginner Snowboarding (360° Video)

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The Complete Guide to Beginner Snowboarding (360° Video)