Video: 4 Snowboarding Moves That Will Change Your Life

✭✭✭✭✭ This is a free section of the full length tutorial: "4 Moves That Will Change Your Life". Want 4 moves that will change your snowboarding life forever? Of course you do! This tutorial teaches you 4 simple manoeuvres that are relatively simple, but with practice, can get you learning new tricks faster and can be mixed together to give you hours, weeks, months and even years of fun on the slopes! In this video: - Nose and Tail Presses - Ollies and Nollies - Spinning - Shifties Check out the full length version on our website to see more! Nose & Tail Presses - The best way to get into a press is to be low on your board, using you ankles, knees and hips to lean into the press. - The lower you are in your lean, the better your press! - Don’t lean over to press with your head and shoulders, standing tall. You will have trouble keeping balance and the board won’t press out the way you want it to. - Almost sit on your bindings with the leg you are bending. With the other leg, straighten it as much as possible. This will really get your press looking steazy! Important Tip for Presses - To get a really good press, don’t focus on lifting up the board, but rather, press down on the foot on the ground with more effort. The lower you lean, the more press! Feeling Advanced? - Try a grab while pressing (Eg. Tail press tail grab) - Once comfortable doing nose and tail presses, repeat the same actions but while slide slipping, shifting your weight from left to right. - This will really get your edge control improving out of sight! Ollies and Nollies - Once comfortable with nose and tail presses, ollies and nollies become much easier. - Get into the tail press position, then jump off the loaded leg and pull your board up into the air. Important Tip For Ollies/Nollies - Don’t move your head and shoulders too much. Thats where the bulk of your weight is, so you want to keep it steady. - Really use the flex in your board to assist you in the pop. The more you flex your board, the better the pop! - Stomp your landings with both feet hitting the ground at the same time. A nice flat base will give you more surface area to land clean and ride away with stability. Feeling Advanced? - Try do some ollies/nollies while slide slipping! - Go big or go home! Keep practicing getting more and more height with your ollies/nollies. The more you ollie/nollie, the more height you will achieve! Spinning - Spinning on the slope helps you with your turns and spins in the air. - Remember to look all the way around over your shoulder during your spin. Your shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and board will follow. - Keeping your head up and looking over your shoulder is important. - Practice both frontside and backside spins to get confident going both ways. Shifties - Shifties work really well in park, because you can wash off speed without having to change your trajectory like a turn would. They also add a bit of spice into manoeuvres. - Shiftys are simply a counter-rotated movement, where your upper and lower body go in different directions - These are a great way to burn speed on a cat track. If you are tentative on cat tracks because you are worried you don’t have enough space to slow down, practice these counter-rotated shifties!!! - Make sure you don’t bring the counter rotations into your normal linking turns though as this is a bad habit that many people develop when learning and is hard to undo! Shifty Tips - Put your hands over your tail when doing a frontside shifty, and over your nose when you do a backside shifty. - You should feel a bunch of tension in your torso when your in your shifty. This is what your going to use to pop your board back and forth. Feeling Advanced? - Try shifties while slide slipping and try make them as big as possible. 90 degrees is a great place to start, but 180's or even further are great progressions and can really look cool. Now that you have your presses, ollies and nollies and shifties, mix variations of everything together and get creative! Have fun out there! Location: Whistler Blackcomb Riders: Duncan Mainland Stance: Regular Check out to get the full version and see more of the worlds best snowboard tutorials and snowboard training products.

4 Snowboarding Moves That Will Change Your Life

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4 Snowboarding Moves That Will Change Your Life