Video: How To Improve Your Riding (Regular) On A Snowboard

✭✭✭✭✭ This is a free section of how to Improve Your Riding tutorial - This tutorial is on how to Improve Your Snowboarding. We cover a few issues that happen to intermediate snowboarders, how to spot them and what you can do to fix it. This tutorial is mostly related to body position. If you can get your body position correct, you'll snowboard a hell of a lot better and you're gonna feel more comfortable jumping, riding the park and hitting all types of features. The Full tutorial covers: - Filming Your Riding - Ideal Turns (Advanced Sliding Turns) - Straight Legs Fixes - Counter Rotation Fixes - Un-centered Hips Position Fixes - Summary Stance: Regular Riders: Nev Lapwood And Tino Location: Whistler Blackcomb Music: URB - 02 Horn Song

How To Improve Your Riding (Regular) On A Snowboard

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How To Improve Your Riding (Regular) On A Snowboard