Video: Weightlifting Tips - Staying Back on the Snatch

✭✭✭✭✭ For more instructional videos, check out our Educational Videos Playlist! One of the most common technique questions we get is about how to stay back in the top portion of the snatch. Many people have problem with bringing their hips through at the top of the first pull to meet the bar, which causes them to either jump forward or miss a lot of lifts behind them. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you are reaching the correct power position: - spine and head neutral (straight up) - knees slightly bent - weight back on your heels - bar sitting between your pubic bone and hip bones. The power position is what determines where the bar will go, and if you are achieving the proper position, the bar won't go where you want it to go. A drill we like to use to help people focus on staying back is to have them snatch with their toes hanging just off the edge of a couple pieces of plywood - "snatching off the boards". This forces them to move the hips first instead of extending through their ankles and knees first, which bring the hips forward instead of up. In the transition from position 2 (just below the knee) to position 1 (at the hips), it is crucial that your knees stay fixed and you hinge at the waist, raising your chest up and recruiting your lats to bring the bar back into your hips instead of bringing your hips forward to meet the bar. Connect with us via social media! LIKE us on Facebook - FOLLOW us on Twitter - @calstrength FOLLOW us on Instagram - @cal_strength FOLLOW us on Pinterest - and of course our website -

Weightlifting Tips - Staying Back on the Snatch

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Weightlifting Tips - Staying Back on the Snatch