Video: Singing Lessons : How to Sing With Power

✭✭✭✭✭ If you want to sing with extra power and volume, you must learn to gradually increase your voice's projection without pushing or straining. Learn the safe way to get louder in this free video on singing lessons. Expert: Tricia Grey Contact: Bio: Tricia Grey has exceptional qualifications as a voice teacher, with a Master's Degree in Music and a lifetime of experience singing, performing, and producing artists. Filmmaker: Aaron Sinn Series Description: Whether you've never sung in your life but would love to become the next American Idol, or you're an advanced student seeking to hone your technique, you'll benefit from these vocal exercises and demonstrations. A professional singer and singing teacher shows you how to shine in this free video series.

Singing Lessons : How to Sing With Power

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Singing Lessons : How to Sing With Power


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