Video: Oil Painting Tutorial: Painting with Freedom

✭✭✭✭✭ This is a tutorial inspired by the many times i hear artists ask me 'How do I loosen up?'. This tutorial is pretty much the best way to get across an answer to that question. I also hear people ask how do you paint sky? or water or clouds or hair or something. If you know how to paint, you can paint anything at all. Every trick you see to help you paint something specific is really just a shortcut or gimmick. There are many Bob Ross or Bill Alexander style tutorials and demos out on youtube produced by artists who's only experience of an art education appears to be watching one of these 2 artists. This tutorial reveals the key to what I believe to be the transition from drawing to painting ( and more specifically a loose 'painterly' style. From a young age we are taught to keep between the lines of our colouring book, this tutorial could help you to break free again! Enjoy the demonstration.

Oil Painting Tutorial: Painting with Freedom

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Oil Painting Tutorial: Painting with Freedom


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