Video: Adele Set Fire to the Rain Dance Lesson -Contemporary Combo

✭✭✭✭✭ We go to Creative Edge dance to learn a contemporary combo to Adele's song: Set Fire to the Rain. We love this song and Caitlin made up a combo and taught it to us one afternoon - so we filmed the dance and tutorial for you to try it with us. It helps if you already have some dance training to do this combo. Once you learn the moves, you can try it in front of the mirror to clean up your lines. Contemporary dance comes from modern dance but uses many moves you will also see in lyrical and jazz. Contemporary just has a more open, newer feel. Also, you don't always flex your feet - to give it more of an edgy look. For more dance tutorials, check out our channel: You can also see photos or get new postings on our facebook: Here is Sloane doing a modern dance solo: Here is Katrina's group doing a contempoary number: If you want to learn hip hop dance, then check out This is a membership to access over 70 videos with 10 different dance teachers to learn moves, combos and a master class. You can work at your own pace, repeat the lessons as needed, and move up the levels - all for less than the cost of one private lesson! We hope you have fun with this combo. Please like, sub and share! Want to learn hip hop dance online? Check out

Adele Set Fire to the Rain Dance Lesson -Contemporary Combo

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Adele Set Fire to the Rain Dance Lesson -Contemporary Combo


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