Video: Pete Moody - Emotion & Singing (How to Sing)

✭✭✭✭✭ For Details about HOW TO SING with Pete's Lessons and Products visit Pete Moody answers a question on how to bring emotion into a vocal performance. Your audience reacts to your performance in an emotional way -- enjoyment of an artist rarely involves logic and is more about a 'feeling'. Creating emotion for an audience with your singing is vital to your success and goes beyond just hitting the right notes. Learn how an audience perceives emotion and shape your vocal performances to create a lasting impression. Pete Moody guides you through simple technique to create the right emotion for your audience -- It's far more simple than you think! Pete Moody teaches anyone how to sing and get the best from vocal technique. Become a singer and learn to control your singing voice like a professional. Tips and techniques to help you develop as a vocalist. Stay subscribed to get all the latest advice from singing teacher and voice coach Pete Moody. Pete Moody has worked with major artists and X-factor finalists. Pete Moody is author of 'How to be a Pop Sensation -- The Ultimate Guide for Vocalists' Pete is based in Kent, UK. Pete Moody is a Singing Teacher, if you have questions or suggestions for videos please get in touch.

Pete Moody - Emotion & Singing (How to Sing)

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Pete Moody - Emotion & Singing (How to Sing)


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