Video: Popping Tutorial: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW "Dubstep Dancing"

✭✭✭✭✭ Hello, my name is Andres, I've been dancing for 7 years now, learned off of youtube. In this video I go over EVERYTHING I know about popping, there will be a index below. This is basically a dvd video of anything you'll need to start learning. Index HOW TO POP (or dance to dubstep if your a Hipster) THE BASICS Hitting and Waving (bread and butter) 0:10 - 9:18 HITTING: 0:10 - 4:28 WAVING: 4:28 - 9:18 ISOLATIONS: 9:18 - 10:46 Animation: 10:46 - 11:21 Tutting: 11:21 - 11:48 DETAIL, EXPLANATION GOOD STUFF AND EXAMPLES SETS: 11:48 - 12:14 Musicality (how to dance to the beat) with examples: 12:14 - 14:11 BASIC to DUBSTEP EXPAMPLE FREESTYLE 15:34 - 17:00 Bonus Information, "Dubstep Dancing" Practicing, good stuff w/examples 14:11 - 17:00 Special thanks end 17:00 - end Special thanks to TheRussianTiger whos videos basically taught me everything I needed to know when I got started, from his and many many other videos on youtube, I've felt more then ready to make this vid and share my knowledge on popping. Enjoy. any questions just post them in the comment section below, let me know what you thought of this video, I worked really hard so please like/share/subscribe/comment!!!

Popping Tutorial: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW "Dubstep Dancing"

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Popping Tutorial: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW "Dubstep Dancing"


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