Video: Intermediate Yoga Routine: Ocean Flare

✭✭✭✭✭ This Yogea sequence is structured in a dynamic succession, stressing fluidity of movement and unperturbed flow. Using the organic ability of the body to spiral around its axis, various inversions, standing poses, twists, hip openers and forward bends are introduced in a gradual progression. The seamless transitions provide a feeling of interconnectedness, as the body gives in to gravity, momentum and sequential flow. The creative re-ordering (unlike more standard pose variations) offers a well-rounded practice that helps transition smoothly both on the mat and in life. The pace is dynamic with the intention to switch the mind to a more experiential and receptive frequency and allow the body's intelligence to take the lead. Frequent plane and level shifts aid the transcendence of habitual patterns and invite a beginner's state of mind. The gentle inversions cool the body and elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response. The combined hip opening and twisting variations release tension and stress piled in the hips, back and neck. The standing poses anchor the body while uplifting it from the base. The forward bends open the hamstrings and lengthen the Achilles tendon to create a buoyant gait and yielding power. The natural oceanic ambiance invites the practitioner to explore the latent reservoir of reflection and expression, while cultivating acceptance and zest for life.

Intermediate Yoga Routine: Ocean Flare

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Intermediate Yoga Routine: Ocean Flare


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