Video: Dearly Beloved Piano Tutorial Easy (KH1 Version)

✭✭✭✭✭ Notes are in the description! Hey! This is the dearly beloved version from kingdom hearts 1 composed by Yoko Shimomura that i try to teach you how to play as requested by a friend hopefully it helped you out a little bit and sorry about the quality my potato isn't very good but i tried to say the notes aloud Right Hand Notes: C G F D C G F D | D# D G GFGF F | D# D C A# Left Hand Notes: G# D# (G#C) D# | A# F (A#D) F | D# A# (D#G) D# A# (D#G) A# | G# D# (G#C) D# | A# F (A#D) F | C G (A#D) C G (A#D) Sorry that this list isn't very comprehensive, I wanted to keep it simple, therefore, I decided it was best to leave out octave numbers because putting them in makes it much more convoluted than most beginners would want to deal with. As far as sheet music is concerned, I can read music at a decent level but I'm definitely not a composer. I would like to make sheets if I had the time but I feel like the song is simple enough that it's not pertinent to have them.

Dearly Beloved Piano Tutorial Easy (KH1 Version)

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Dearly Beloved Piano Tutorial Easy (KH1 Version)


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