Video: How to Method Grab on a Snowboard - (Regular) Methods Trick Tip

✭✭✭✭✭ Free Snowboard tutorial -- How to do a method grab on a snowboard. A method is without a doubt the most iconic trick possible on a snowboard. It's stood the best of time throughout the history of snowboarding and is still a favourite trick amongst pro snowboarders like Travis Rice. You can definitely tell how good a rider is by the style in their method. It'll take years to perfect. This video has broken down steps that you can try to start developing your methods, including: 1. Backside Shifites 2. Melon Grab 3. Melon Grab extended behind back 4. Add Backside Shifty 5. Back Leg Position 6. Crank It 7. Refinement What is a Method Grab? A Method is a Melon grab, tweaked up behind your back, combined with a backside shifty. The movement is quite complex to learn because there are several different techniques happening. Once you get the muscle memory, it eventually happens with ease. The easiest place to learn the movements of a method is on a trampoline as you can practice the position over and over in a very safe controlled environment. A method is generally done on straight airs and not often combined with other tricks. It's common to see it done when busting out of the pipe, big hips in the park and on natural backcountry features. Summary Your methods won't be awesome at first. Try doing melons tweaked up behind your back when no one is watching you ride. Then quickly add a backside shifty. From there you can follow the pointers of this tutorial to refine your method. Some of the most famous past and present shredders are known by their methods including, Craig Kelly, Jamie Lynn, Terje Haakenson & Nicholas Muller. This trick is not going anywhere and helps to define style in your ridding. Practice them often. Riding Stance -- Regular Produced by Snowboard Addiction Riders -- Nev Lapwood & Dan Gerstner Filmed at - Boreal in California and Whistler Blackcomb in Canada Music -- Stepping back into Self -- Adrian Robinson

How to Method Grab on a Snowboard - (Regular) Methods Trick Tip

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How to Method Grab on a Snowboard - (Regular) Methods Trick Tip


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