Video: Tennis Forehand Lesson For Beginners

✭✭✭✭✭ for a bundle of tennis videos for beginners. To view all of the sports tutorial videos on MindBites, head on over to our Sports & Outdoors Category Page: Last but not least - to get full access to this individual video, go to The tennis forehand lesson guides a tennis beginner from the basic fundamentals like the grip, stance and split step to the complete forehand sequence and the ability to rally from the baseline. You'll learn by first playing mini-tennis and then gradually moving back to the baseline. The tennis forehand lesson includes step-by-step videos on grip, footwork patterns, follow-through, preparation and finding the optimal technique for you. A tennis coach passionate about the game and its complexity. Love to share instruction videos, ideas and thoughts about tennis by utilizing what the modern technology allows us to do. For more tennis videos and articles go to

Tennis Forehand Lesson For Beginners

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Tennis Forehand Lesson For Beginners


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