Video: How to Frontside 180 - Snowboarding Tricks Regular

✭✭✭✭✭ Learn how to do frontside 180 on your snowboard regular. Frontside 180's are a great beginner snowboarding tricks. It was actually the very first snowboard trick I ever learned. As soon as I could ollie, carve and ride switch I started practicing frontside 180's. It's great beginner trick because you don't need much air to do it, you can see your takeoff and landing the entire time and it's a trick that opens the door to a lot of other snowboard tricks. You can first start practicing frontside 180's outside the park off the ground, up banks and off side hits. Work on the skills in the frontside 180 by mastering your jumps, carving and switch riding. Once you get comfortable with front frontside 180's in the park, you can start experimenting with frontside 180's on boxes and rails and spins in other directions. If you guys have any questions about this trick or if you guys have any tips for frontside 180's you can leave them in the comment section. If you liked this video's give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Thanks for watching guys! and I'll see you in the next video! Own this video and take it to the mountain! Download Here: Follow us on social media:

How to Frontside 180 - Snowboarding Tricks Regular

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How to Frontside 180 - Snowboarding Tricks Regular


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