Video: Skiing vs Snowboarding

✭✭✭✭✭ The first weekend of 2009, I had the opportunity to go skiing with a small group of friends. Rather than riding with my usual group of snowboarders, I went this time with a small group of skiers. Two of the skiers identified themselves as intermediate while one was a beginner. The intermediate skiers had been skiing since childhood, but normally only get a few opportunities to ski each season. I enjoyed spending time on different parts of the mountain than I usually ride... and I finally figured out the fundamental difference between skiing and snowboarding. Now, there are obvious differences, like skiers have poles and snowboarders dont. Skiers have two skis, while snowboarders have only one board. Skiers face forward while going down the hill, while snowboarders face sideways... but these are not the differences I am talking about. Skiers have a greater incentive to stay on their feet. I noticed that getting up on to the skiers is considerably more effort than it is for a snowboarder. I really think the reason for the poles is to help get up when a skier does fall. Also, it is very easy for me, to sit on my butt with my feet bound to my board. Snowboarders sit in a very natural position and simple push oneself up with ones hand onto ones feet and into a riding position. So the point being, that it is very easy to get back up when one bails. Furthermore, if I tire myself out by charging down the hill, I can easily and comfortably slide on down to sit on my but and relax for a moment. This would be pretty difficult with skis on. Also, ski bindings are designed to pop off when too large a force is exerted on them. Which means, on a powdery slope even an experienced skier can have trouble getting their boot back into the binding. The result is a very different learning curve. While jumping off rocks and catching air, I might not land it 2 out of 5 times, but no problem, I just bounce right back on my board and off I go. On skis, I might have to crawl back up the hill to get a pole, or get my ski back into the binding. I probably would be less likely to risk losing riding time to push the limits of my ability. Now dont get me wrong, I am not suggesting the snowboarding is superior to skiing. I ride back country, and I am well aware and have seen many advanced skiers doing some amazing things, I just now understand the difference in what it takes to get there. Oh yea, one other thing. Snowboarding boots are way more comfortable than ski boots. Thanks for reading. Read all you want, Ill write more. Skiing vs Snowboarding By Christopher Corsello (NorCalCorsello on YouTube) (Corsello on MySpace) (ChrisCorsello on WordPress) January 2009

Skiing vs Snowboarding

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Skiing vs Snowboarding


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