Video: How to Front Flip on a Snowboard - (Regular) Tamedogs Trick Tip

✭✭✭✭✭ How to front flip on snowboard or how to tamedog on a snowboard. This video covers how to do frontflips aka tamedogs for regular riders. This 8 minute video: - Breaks down tame dog style front flips to the basics - Will help you build up to doing your first inverts safely - Building your skills and confidence through some fun and safe techniques - Designed to minimize the risk with learning these tricks - Learn to create a strong pop - How to keep your body aligned through your rotation - How to prepare for your landing Tame dogs are one of the most fun tricks on a snowboard as you can do them almost anywhere on the mountain. They also open the door towards some advanced tricks that involve rotating on your horizontal axis. After applying the techniques in this video you will be able to learn tamedogs safely with very little risk and you will be ready as we start to work on some more inverts. It can be watched in either regular or goofy. Filmed at Whistler Blackcomb & Northstar at Tahoe Riding by: Nev Lapwood, Jesse Millen and The Junkie. Music by Josh Makorto - Song: Too Hot For TV Check out to get the full version and see more of the worlds best snowboard tutorials.

How to Front Flip on a Snowboard - (Regular) Tamedogs Trick Tip

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How to Front Flip on a Snowboard - (Regular) Tamedogs Trick Tip


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