Video: How to sing (part 1)

✭✭✭✭✭ First of all. I am not a vocal coach. These tips and methods are things I have picked up from others over the years. This first part deals with basics and general tips. I hope it's useful to some of you :) Here are the links to the 3 parts of "How to sing": How to sing (part 1) How to sing (part 2) How to sing (Part 3) ---------------------------- Visit my website at: Or add me on Myspace at: or Facebook at: Check out my new website (built entirely by me!): The accommodation contact site that's FREE! Do you know anyone that has accommodation to rent? Even a spare room for one week in a year? Then send them to my site. It's totally free to use. Check out the instructional videos playlist to see what the site does and how to use it:

How to sing (part 1)

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How to sing (part 1)


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