Video: HOW TO DO NAULI KRIYA, a Yoga Practice for Healthy Organs & Digestion

✭✭✭✭✭ NOTES ABOUT NAULI KRIYA: * Best to practice early morning and/or on empty stomach. * No one can really teach you how to do Nauli. Your regular yoga practice + Uddiyana, Kapalabhati, and Bhastrika all help the process. * Regular practice makes the magic happen. "Repetition is the mother of learning." Wikipedia article on Nauli: Interesting Note: Nauli is also sometimes called "Lauliki," as in the seminal Hatha Yoga text, the Gheranda Samhita, which says: "Forcefully move the abdominal contents from one side to the other. This is called Lauliki-yoga. It destroys all diseases and increase the gastric fire." The Hatha Yoga Pradipika has this to say: "Lean forward, protrude the abdomen and rotate (the muscles) from right to left with speed. This is called nauli by the siddhas." (2.33) "Nauli is foremost of the Hatha Yoga practices. It kindles the digestive fire, removing indigestion, sluggish digestion, and all disorders of the doshas [ayurvedic constitutions], and brings about happiness." (2.34) ********************* LEARN YOGA WITH US THIS MARCH, 2013, IN BALI! BALI YOGA SPIRIT ~ Yoga University's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Immersion in Ubud, Bali, 2013 ~ NAMASTE' ~ We, the People of YOGA UNIVERSITY, invite you to our Bali Spirit Yoga Teacher Training Immersion, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program in Bali that will certify you to teach Yoga anywhere. ~ * A True Heart & Mystic Immersions Retreat * ~ 23 days - March 1-24th FEATURING: * Partner Yoga, Flying Yoga, Thai Bodywork * * Delicious Living Foods Catered Meals by Livacious * * Island Excursions Including Visit to Balinese Sacred Sites * * Learn to Use the Yoga Swing & Receive a Free One * * Daily Kirtan & Satsang -- Spiritual Wisdom Sharing * * Healing & Detoxification, Connecting with Your Passion * * Learning & Teaching Yoga as a Way of Life, in a Well-Rounded, Non-Dogmatic, User-Friendly Way * * Receive our online course offering package as part of the program: * Continue the Yoga Experience with Us at the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, March 20-24th* * Join us also in India in February for the Kumbha Mela & a sweet package deal for both events. ***GREAT EARLY BIRD SPECIAL FOR FIRST 2 REGISTRANTS: $3300 ALL-INCLUSIVE*** ***WE OFFER THE MOST AFFORDABLE RATE YOU WILL FIND ANYWHERE FOR AN EXPERIENCE OF THIS KIND & QUALITY. PLUS A 100% REFUND UP TO 2 WEEKS BEFORE START IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL FOR ANY REASON*** LOCATION: A Beautiful, Private Retreat Space in Ubud, Bali Teachers & Special Guests include: * Allowah Lani (Program Director) ~ Kundalini Yoga, Flying Yoga, Kirtan, Satsang, Ectatic Dance & Shamanic Breathwork * * Taliyah Irene ~ Partner Yoga, Heart Dance, Live Food Nutrition, & Soul Connection Counsel, Livacious Catering * * More Special Guest Teachers & Presenters, TBA * Sponsored by RETREAT GURU & Hosted by True Love Yoga Retreats & Yoga University * WE ENCOURAGE EARLY REGISTRATION AS SPACE IS LIMITED FINANCIAL AID MAY ALSO BE AVAILABLE, PLEASE INQUIRE FOR FULL PROGRAM INFORMATION, INCLUDING PRICE, PLEASE CALL US: (239) 592-0898 * PLEASE NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS OPEN TO ALL -- EVEN TO THOSE WHO DON'T NECESSARILY WANT TO TEACH YOGA, BUT JUST WISH TO EXPLORE YOGA MORE DEEPLY FOR PERSONAL GROWTH. THIS TRAINING COURSE IS ALSO IDEAL FOR YOGA TEACHERS WHO WISH TO DELVE INTO THE DEEPER DIMENSIONS OF YOGA. IN OTHER WORDS, NOT JUST YOGA AS A WORKOUT, BUT AS A LIFELONG, HOLISTIC PRACTICE. * CONTACTS Allowah & Taliyah (239) 592-0898 email:, or Facebook "Allowah Lani" web: True Love Yoga Retreats on Facebook: ~ "Play is the Highest Form of Research" ~ Albert Einstein ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

HOW TO DO NAULI KRIYA, a Yoga Practice for Healthy Organs & Digestion

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HOW TO DO NAULI KRIYA, a Yoga Practice for Healthy Organs & Digestion


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