Video: How to Backside Lipslide - Snowboarding Tricks Goofy

✭✭✭✭✭ In this snowboarding trick video learn how to do Backside Lipslides goofy. Backside lipslides are a stylish rail snowboard trick and one of the more advanced snowboarding tricks in the park. I'm going to break down each part of the Backside lipslide, give you tips to complete each part successfully and show you all the snowboard skills needed to prepare for this trick. There are many skills that come together to complete this trick. Take the time to master each skill then put them together in your backside lipslides. Build up to advance features by first mastering backside lipslides on easy ones, increasing the difficulty as you progress. If you guys have any questions about this trick or if you have any tips for backside lipslides, you can leave them in the comment section. Like, share and subscribe to support snowboardprocamp and to help us make more trick videos. Check out our youtube home page where you can find videos to help you develop the snowboard skills in this tricks. Thanks for watching! Own this video and take it to the mountain! Download Here: Follow us on social media:

How to Backside Lipslide - Snowboarding Tricks Goofy

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How to Backside Lipslide - Snowboarding Tricks Goofy


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